Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maxi dress

Icon: Maxi dress
Story: Earliest appearances of the maxi dress was in 1968 when The New York Times highlighted a cotton lace version by Oscar De La Renta. Quickly all hip fashion houses opted the new styles and maxi lenght begun to outdo the mini skirt. From cotton maxi dresses quickly involved to to be more lacey and flowy to the ankle lenght. Modern day maxi dress in usually cotton jersey and down to the heel. In the 70's maxi dress gained highly fashionable status along with similar kaftan and boho styles. Even today maxi dress is often assosiated with down to earth hippie style with it's ultra feminine feel. Even though minidresses have been usually the choice of the young and rebellious rock'n'roll girls, maxi dress has been seen worn by many artists and strong women to give more bohemian look. Maxi dress golden times has been 70's kaftan, boho- and disco looks, 90's grunge look and modern day jersey summer maxi dresses.

Angela Bowie wearing 60's printed cotton maxi dress.
Anita Pallenberg wearing Ossie Clark maxi dress in the style of Swinging Sixties.
Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick in her dark coloured oriental style maxi dress.
Joni Mitchel performing in late 60's style long sleeved colourful tie died hippie maxi dress.
Bianca Jagger wearing spot on trend Ossie Clark maxi dress in 1971.
Pattie Boyd wearing floaty girly maxi dress with low cut neck line for  sexy 70's romantic look.
Kat Von D. wearing a moder day hippie maxi dress without losing any edge of her rock look.
Ketih Richards wife Patti Hansen wearing plunging maxi dress to Leah Wood's wedding.
Frances Bean Cobain wearing her version of the maxi dress with brown accessories matching her hair  colour.

Where to get the look?

60's hip brand Marimekko has still great maxi dresses to get the true wibe for your summer look. Nordisfushion.com.au.
You can't go wrong with original 70's Ossie Clark maxi dress. Celiabritwell.com.

90's style jersey maxi dress is perfect to create grungy look. Shopbop.com.
Modern day version of the kaftan dress is perfect for rocking summer. Theoutnet.com.
One shoulder maxi dress with fading colour in the feel in 60's tie dye is great way to date the hippie look. Shopbop.com.

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