Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jade Jagger

Icon: Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger
Born: 21st October (libra) 1971, Paris, France
Height: 1,63 m
Known-for: daughter of Bianca and Mick Jagger, jewerly designer, socialite, former model
Story: Jade is the only daughter of Nicaraguan born model, actress and philanthropist mum Bianca Jagger and English rock musician Mick Jagger. Her parents divorced in 1978 and after that she spent most of her time living in Manhattan with her mother. She was often dropped off at the Factory to be baby sat by Andy Warhol, her mother's close friend. She attended Spence School but at the age of 14 she attended all girls boarding school in England. While preparing for her A-levels at Cambridge Centre for Sixth-Form Studies Jade began a relationship with fellow student Piers Jackson. The couple never married but they had two daughters, Assisi Lola Jackson born in 1992 and Amba Isis Jackson born in 1996. Couple broke up after nine years. In 2004 Jade started dating DJ Dan Williams but they broke up in 2010. In June 2012 Jade married Adrian Fillary. Jade has worked as a jewelry designer and has gotten lot of publicity through her famous friends such as Kate Moss and style icon parents.
Style: Jade is truly a epitome of modern day bohemian flower child. She does know her way with fashion and trends, but has a distinctive own style which screams her natural way of being. She trusts on deeply tanned golden skin, long natural coloured hair, minimum make up and simple cut clothes. She doesn't try to change anything on her body or face or hair but enhances perfectly her natural beauty. She was one of the first faces to launch lux boho style and she is the perfect model of that style.

Teenage Jade with dad Mick Jagger in 1985.
Jade with perfect laid back look of black and white floaty dress, leather bomber jacket and black knee high boots.
Jade in her summertime Ibiza inspired festival outfit of red  dress, black studded gladiator sandals and mirror aviators. 
Jade in floral dress with very low cut front and golden wedge sandals. 
Jade in beatifully simple white one shoulder dress and golden jewelry.
Ultimate Ibiza beauty Jade wearing natural white lace dress with embroideries. She has teamed the delicate dress with black Havaianas sandal.
Glamorous Jade in red strapless red cocktail dress and red sandal heels.
Jade at left with half sister  Elizabeth Jagger. Jade is trusting simple clean cut satin dress in hot red and  showy  long necklace.
Jade and wet look one shoulder disco dress in hot red again.
Jade and her perfect boho chic style  in white gold floaty dress and  crafty blazer. Style is perfected with deep tan and wild long hair.
Jade wearing low cut golden mini skirt with her daughters.
Jade wearing sinful black minidress husband Adrian Fillary by her side.
Jade wearing deepest tan and printed loose summer gown and having drinks with husband Adrian Fillary.

How to get the Ibiza rock boho look? Think deep tan, natural feminine body, long natural coloured hair with soft curls, minimum make up, golden jewelry, showy earrings, necklaces and rings, loose cut floaty dresses in all kinds of prints, simple cut one coloured dresses in all kinds of materials, summer dresses, bright colours, bare legs, golden sandal heels, thong sandals, kaftans, blazers, textured materials.

Colourful low cut kaftan dress is sexy, wild and care free enough to create the Ibiza rock babe look.

You can also choose simple perfectly cut white one shoulder dress to create wild and sexy Ibiza rock look.

Golden Yves Saint Laurent disco heels are a must for this look to night time parties.

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  1. girls you all are looking cool in your outfits but i like leather outfit its too cool mens fitted leather jackets


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