Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jade Jagger

Icon: Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger
Born: 21st October (libra) 1971, Paris, France
Height: 1,63 m
Known-for: daughter of Bianca and Mick Jagger, jewerly designer, socialite, former model
Story: Jade is the only daughter of Nicaraguan born model, actress and philanthropist mum Bianca Jagger and English rock musician Mick Jagger. Her parents divorced in 1978 and after that she spent most of her time living in Manhattan with her mother. She was often dropped off at the Factory to be baby sat by Andy Warhol, her mother's close friend. She attended Spence School but at the age of 14 she attended all girls boarding school in England. While preparing for her A-levels at Cambridge Centre for Sixth-Form Studies Jade began a relationship with fellow student Piers Jackson. The couple never married but they had two daughters, Assisi Lola Jackson born in 1992 and Amba Isis Jackson born in 1996. Couple broke up after nine years. In 2004 Jade started dating DJ Dan Williams but they broke up in 2010. In June 2012 Jade married Adrian Fillary. Jade has worked as a jewelry designer and has gotten lot of publicity through her famous friends such as Kate Moss and style icon parents.
Style: Jade is truly a epitome of modern day bohemian flower child. She does know her way with fashion and trends, but has a distinctive own style which screams her natural way of being. She trusts on deeply tanned golden skin, long natural coloured hair, minimum make up and simple cut clothes. She doesn't try to change anything on her body or face or hair but enhances perfectly her natural beauty. She was one of the first faces to launch lux boho style and she is the perfect model of that style.

Teenage Jade with dad Mick Jagger in 1985.
Jade with perfect laid back look of black and white floaty dress, leather bomber jacket and black knee high boots.
Jade in her summertime Ibiza inspired festival outfit of red  dress, black studded gladiator sandals and mirror aviators. 
Jade in floral dress with very low cut front and golden wedge sandals. 
Jade in beatifully simple white one shoulder dress and golden jewelry.
Ultimate Ibiza beauty Jade wearing natural white lace dress with embroideries. She has teamed the delicate dress with black Havaianas sandal.
Glamorous Jade in red strapless red cocktail dress and red sandal heels.
Jade at left with half sister  Elizabeth Jagger. Jade is trusting simple clean cut satin dress in hot red and  showy  long necklace.
Jade and wet look one shoulder disco dress in hot red again.
Jade and her perfect boho chic style  in white gold floaty dress and  crafty blazer. Style is perfected with deep tan and wild long hair.
Jade wearing low cut golden mini skirt with her daughters.
Jade wearing sinful black minidress husband Adrian Fillary by her side.
Jade wearing deepest tan and printed loose summer gown and having drinks with husband Adrian Fillary.

How to get the Ibiza rock boho look? Think deep tan, natural feminine body, long natural coloured hair with soft curls, minimum make up, golden jewelry, showy earrings, necklaces and rings, loose cut floaty dresses in all kinds of prints, simple cut one coloured dresses in all kinds of materials, summer dresses, bright colours, bare legs, golden sandal heels, thong sandals, kaftans, blazers, textured materials.

Colourful low cut kaftan dress is sexy, wild and care free enough to create the Ibiza rock babe look.

You can also choose simple perfectly cut white one shoulder dress to create wild and sexy Ibiza rock look.

Golden Yves Saint Laurent disco heels are a must for this look to night time parties.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Susanna Hoffs

Icon: Susanna Lee Hoffs
Born: 17th January (capricorn) 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 1,57 m
Known-for: American vocalist, guitarist and actress, member of all-female band The Bangles
Story: Hoffs was born California to a Jewish family. Her mother would play Beatles to her as a child and in her teens she began playing the guitar. As a college student she made her acting debut in the 1978 film "Stony Island". While studying in Berkeley she was fan of classic stadium rock bands but after seeing Sex Pistols and Patti Smith live concerts she decided to persue career as a musician in a band. She gratuated in 1980 with a Bachelor degree in Art. Hoffs joined group with Vicki Peterson and Debbi Peterson and in 1982 their band The Bangles released their self titled EP. The Bangles released first full album in 1984 but their commercial breakthrough came in 1986 with the album "Different Light" including such hits as "Walking Like an Egyptian" and "Manic Monday". In 1990 the group split up only to reunite in the late 1990's. Hoffs has also released solo albums and worked with rocker Matthew Sweet under the name "Sid n Susie" to record cover versions of classic rock songs. Hoffs marrieds movie director Jay Roach in 1993 and has two sons.
Style: Susanna was The day dream for many of the teenage boys in the 80's - and most of the men too. She was petite, fragile, stunningly beautiful, visibly sexy and she could rock the guitar. She like the rest of The Bangles girls knew her fashion but they each had their own style to flatter their natural looks. Petite Susanna trusted her naturally dark brown hair be loose and wild and her clothes to show her sexuality. Her bright singing voice and doll like face gave her image needed fragility and child like innocence that made her the perfect daydream for the 80's male population.

Trendy and edgy Bangles in their early days. Susanna second left in short curly bob, floral  loose blouse and big 80's earrings.
Susanna in her fashionable 80's curly bob hairdo in second right. She is also wearing grey cropped blazer to suit her petite frame.
Susanna last from right. She has grown her curly hair and is wearing grey satin ruffle dress and black cropped blazer.
Susanna has added sex appel to her image in the later 80's. She is wearing bright pink over the shoulder lycra bodycon dress, big earrings and half of her wild curly hair up.
Susanna in second from right. She is flattering her curves with black and white lycra top, black  a-line miniskirt, wide belt on waist and black tights.
Susanna is wearing sinfully sexy outfit of black lace top, black bras and red salsadress in second from left.
Susanna at second from right in black bodycon dress, black tights, black classic pump heels, layered necklace , big earrings and metal plate belt.
Bangles more casual during their big hit "Eternal Flame". Susanna is wearing her hair straight under the felt hat, loose knit jumper, 80's style carrot fit jeans, white ankle socks and black flat laced boots.
Bangles all grown up. Susanna second right still trusting sex appeal and a black mini skirt.
Still rocking Susanna wearing black satin minidress.
Susanna again with wide brim hat and casual top.

How to get the 80's Guitar Lolita look? Think wild dark brown curly hair - bob lenght or long, thin long bangs, big earrings, wide waist belts, lycra bodycon dresses, lycra over the shoulder tops, circle miniskirts, carrot fit light blue jeans (leg fit narrowing towards ankles), black tights, loose baggy knit jumpers, white ankle socks, black classic pump heels, flat laced boots, cropped blazers with shoulder paddings.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Icon: Christa Päffgen a.k.a Nico
Born: 16th October (¨libra) 1938, Cologne, Germany (died 18th July 1988, aged 49, Ibiza, Spain)
Height: 1,78m
Known-for: German singer, collaboration with The Velvet Underground, model, actress, Warhol Superstar
Story: Nico was born in Cologne five years after Nazis came to power in Germany. Her father was listed as a soldier and he died in a concentration camp. In 1946 she moved to Berlin with her mother where she got a job as a seamstress. She quit school at the age of 13 and after that she worked selling lingerie at exclusive department store KaDeWe. Eventually she started getting work as a model. At the age of 16 Nico was discovered by photographer Herbert Tobias who renamed the girl as Nico after his ex-boyfriend Nikos Papatakis. Soon Nico moved to Paris and at the age 17 she was contracted by Coco Chanel. Soon Nico abandoned the job and fled to New York City. Through her travels she learned to speak English, Spanish and French. Nico started trying her acting talents and in 1959 she got a minor role in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. In 1962 Nico gave birth to her son Christian Aaron "Ari" Päffgen. French actor Alain Delon has been commonly held his farther againts his denial of the matter. Delon's mother raised the child and later adopted him taking new surname Boulogne. In 1965 Nico met Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and recorded her first single "I'm not saying". Later that summer she met Bob Dylan whose song "I'll keep It with Mine" she recorded for her first album "Chelsea Girl" in 1967. After being introduced by Brian Jones, she began working with Andy Warhol and Paul Morrisey on their experimental films. When Warhol started managing The Velvet Underground he proposed band to take Nico on as a "chanteuse". The group consented reluctantly. She sang 3 songs on the band's debut album "The Velvet Underground & Nico" released in 1967. After cooperation with The Velvet Underground Nico began to work as a solo artist and released number of albums. Besides music Nico also appeared in seven films between 1970 and 1979 made with French director Philippe Garrel who she also lived with. Nico also struggled severe heroin addiction for over 15 years. She claimed she got addicted during her relationship with Garrel in the 1970's.  Shortly before her death she stopped taking heroin and began methadone replacement therapy.
Style: Nico's signature style was above all stylish, well cut and androgynous. She prefered masculine tailored suits over feminine dresses and knew what suited her long tall thin frame. Her style was very much a reflection of her strong individual personality.

Young stylish Nico during time of the La Dolce Vita movie. She is wearing classic well cut blouse, cardigan and her hair is well cut bob.
Nico on a modeling job with upper class style.
Nico with Andy Warhol. She is wearing her hair darker red, white cotton blouse and tailored blazer.
Factory superstar Nico with fashionable 60's blonde hair with long bangs and stripy blazer suit.
Nico in well cut trench coat and white blouse.
Nico and late 60's look - square oversized sunglasses, black turtle neck shirt, couple of big show off rings and long well fitted coat.
Nico with the Velvet Underground. She is wearing well cut white blazer suit, black blouse and a small scarf around neck.
Nico with the decadent Brian Jones.
Nico and her output to a perfect hippie image with blond hair, tanned skin and embroided sheep skin coat.
Nico in black and long beads.
Nico sporting hippie image in stripy loose blouse, vest, bell bottom pants and  long beads.
Nico the superstar with black oversized sunglasses and black skinny coat.
Nico singing in darker hair and long scarf around her neck.

How to get the Bohemian Chanteuse look? Think long thin body, long straight hair with long bangs, black mascara and eyeliner, blush under cheeck bones and nude lipstick, simple well tailored blazer suits, one colour blouses, few jewerly for.ex. rings or neck beads, long fitted coats, turtle neck shirts,cigarette pants, flared pants, small scarf around neck.

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