Friday, November 9, 2012

Debbie Harry

Icon: Deborah Ann Harry a.k.a Debbie Harry
Born: 1st July (cancer), 1945 Miami, Florida, US
Height: 1,61 m
Known-for: singer-songwriter, lead singer of the Blondie, actress
Story: Harry was adopted to gift shop propprietors in New Jersey. She graduated college in 1965 and moved to New York. She worked as a secretary at BBC Radio Office, waitress at Max's Kansas City and a go-go dancer in Union City disco and also a Playboy Bunny. She began her musical career in the late 60's with folk rock group The Wind in the Willows. In 1974 Harry joined The Stilettos. She then met her future boyfriend Chris Stein. Stein and Harry left The Stilettos to form Angel and the Snake. Shortly after Stein and Harry formed Blondie and the band quickly came regular at Max's Kansas City and CBGB. Band released debut album in 1976 and reached commercial success in the late 70's and early 80's.While leading Blondie, Harry and Stein became life partners as well as musical partners. Couple broke up in the 1990's but continued working together. Harry doesn't have children. She is a strong advocate for gay rights and same-sex marriage. Though she has stated to identify as mostly heterosexual, she has said to have had intimate relationships with both men and women. Besides Blondie Harry has released solo albums and worked as an actress.
Style: With her two-tone bleached blonde hair and persona combining cool sexuality with streetwise style she quickly became a fashion icon. She was adapted by punk crowd but also by disco audience. She was regular at punk club CBGB as well as disco palace Studio 54. Her style has been very sexy, very edgy and very strong - the ultimate sex kitten of new wave punk.

Debbie as the leading blondie of the Blondie. She is wearing bright yellow shift skirt.
Debbie in 70's punky denim outfit with tight high waist skinny jeans and skimpy cropped jean jacket.
Debbie is the original queen of two toned hair.
Graphic outfit of white mini dress with red plastic just enough sexy and punk.
Skinny t-shirt and high waist skinny pants are the 70's Debbie uniform.
Printed blouse, hot pants and over the knee boots for ultimate rock goddess look.
Black and white zebra lycra halterneck dress, big armband and bigger than big teeth necklace for punky disco look.
Debbie in petrol glitter one shoulder mini dress and same colour tights just like they did in those disco days.
Debbie with heavy make up and egyptian inspired hair-do and jewerly to create early 80's power disco look.
Debbie in 2008 all the way rock and sexy in leather and blond bob.

How to get the New Wave Blondie look? Think two tone straight hair, long semi thin bangs, heavy make up, sexy lycra tops and miniskirts, bold coloured clothes, blouses, micro shorts, one shoulder disco tops, skinny jeans, pointy toe heels, leather, sequin tops, small edgy jewerly.

White and black zebra blouse screams wild disco punk just like Debbies signature style.
White high waisted micro shorts.
Over the top over the knee black leather stiletto boots give enough kick for this attitude look.
Simple silver bangle is enough bling for this look.

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