Monday, September 24, 2012

Edie Sedgwick

Icon: Edith Minturn Sedgwick a.k.a Edie Sedgwick
Born: 20th April (taurus) 1943,Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.  - 16th November 1971
Height: 1,63 m
Known for: actress, socialite, fashion model, heiress, Andy Warhol's superstar, relationship with Bob Dylan
Story: Edie was born to old wealthy family in California. Despite wealth and high social status Sedgwick family had troubles with artist dad's mental problems and all the family children had troubled relationship their father. Edies oldest sister Alice evetually broke contact with family and her two older brother Francis and Robert both died prematerly. Francis comitted suicide in 1964 in psychiatric hospital and Robert, who also suffered from mental health porblems, died in motorcycle accident in 1965. Edie also had problematic relationship with her father and she suffered from anorexia from teen years. She moved to New York in 1964. There she met pop artist Andy Warhol who made Edie his "superstar" replacing Baby Jane Holzer. Edie starred Warhols movies Kitchen, Vinyl and Poor Little Rich Girl. She was described as Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. She left Warhol and his studio The Factory in 1966. After her estrangement from Warhol's inner circle, she became close to Bob Dylan. Dylans songs "Just Like a Woman" and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" are purportedly about Sedgwick. Their relationship ended when Edie found out Bob had actually married Sara Lownds few months earlier. In 1966 Edie had an intensive relationship with Bob Dylans close friend Bob Neuwirth. In early 1967 Neuwirth broke off their relationship unable to cope with her increasingly heavy addiction to drugs and erratic behavior. In 1967 before her death she also appeared in film Ciao!Manhattan but she wasn't famous without Warhol. She also did some modeling and she was considered as 60's style icon. In July 1971 Edie married Michael Post and under his influence she quitted alcohol and drugs for a short time. Sadly she suffered also from mental problems and quickly again became addicted to barbiturates prescribed to her physical illness. Edie died of drug overdose in 1971 at the age of 28.
Style: Her Factory days trademark look was black leotards, mini dresses and large chandelier earrings. She had her hair cut short and coloured her naturally brown hair with silver spray, creating similar look to the wigs Warhol wore. Later after leaving Warhol and The Factory, Edie grew back her natural brown hair, but she is always remembered from her edgy look as Andy Warhols Superstar.

Innocent looking Edie with her long natural brown hair.
Superstar Edie with short blond hair, chandelier earrings, black and white tunic dress and black tights.
Edie in her signature big earrings, tunic mini dress and black tights.
Edie having a smoke in pink maxi dress.
All the style in black shift dress, black stockings, black pumps, dramatic makeup and bigger than big earrings.
Edie in shift dress and earrings having a drink.
Edie in metallic crop top and pants partying with Andy.
Edie in shift dress and cocoon style fur coat.
Leopard fur coat to give trashy wibe.
Edie in simple classic outfit of turtle neck jersey mini dress, black tights, knee high boots, big earrings and teased up hair.
Edie all natural and pretty in her wedding with Michael Post.

How to get the Factory girl look? Think short blod hair, heavy black make up and thick dark eye brows, nude or pale lips, skinny thin body, shift dresses, jersey mini dresses, black tights, ballerina pumps, pumps, cocoon style fur coats, big chandelier earrings, graphic 60's desings such as stripes.

Simple black sleeveless turtle neck dress is classic and sexy.
Black tights are a must to copy Edies look.
Leopard faux fur coat screams wild child that Edie truly was.
Classic Jessica Simpson black pointy toe pumps scream naughty classic.
Big chandelier earrings give the finishing touch to this look.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lee Aaron

Icon: Karen Lynn Greening a.k.a Lee Aaron
Born: 21st July (cancer), Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Height: 1,55 m
Known-for: Canadian rock and jazz singer
Story: Lee Aaron began singing in school musicals only at the age of five. At the age of fifteen she was asked to join local rock bamd called "Lee Aaron". She sang and played the alto saxophone and keyboards in the band. At the age of seventeen she signed with her first manager, Bob Connolly. She quit playing instruments and concentrated being the front face of the band. Aaron's debut album The Lee Aaron Project was released in 1982. In late 1982 Aaron agreed to pose topless for mens magazine OUI. Later she has regretted cover and the interview saying it only damaged her musical credibility. She has stated agreeing for the feature only under the pressure from her manager. In 1984 album Metal Queen was released and it resulted a multi-album deal with Attic Records. Between 1984 and 1992 Aaron toured almost non-stop all over the world. She released six albums ang gained success. Her 1989 album Bodyrock was her biggest commercial success with hits like Whatcha Do to My Body. In 1992 Aaron left Attic Records to start her own label Hip Chic Music and released two albums. In 1995 she released album 2preciious and tried to drop name "Lee Aaron" and use her real name Karen. In 1997 she started exploring jazz and blues. She still continues playing both rock and selected jazz shows. Her and her husband John Cody have two children - Angella born in 2004 and Jett born in 2006.
Style: Lee Aaron has later regretted her topless pose for mens magazine, but she sure wasn't shy about her very sexy image. She was an epitome of hot sexy 80's hard rock queen with great curly hair and skimpy edgy clothing. She was Canadas little fleshier version to USA's blond rock amazons.

Lee Aaron with her hot metal queen look in the early 80's. Her messy curly hair, cropped japan-themed top, leopard print micro shorts, metla belts, boots and a bandana scarf and one fingerless mitten is all classic 80's rock style.
Lee posing topless in OUI.
Lee in stripy cropped top, micro shorts and thin stud belt. Very sexy, very metal, very 80's.
Frizzy hair, heavy make up, leather biker jacket, black lycra bodycon dress, stud belt and pile of silver bagles create Lee Aaron's ultimate 80's hard rock look.

Black and white lycra outfit with gloves and black tights create a seductive rock goddes.
Younger Lee Aaron in white cropped tank top and high waist light wash jeans. Crimped hair and heavy make up to finish rocker look.
Wide shoulder pads, cropped tops and high waist skinny jeans to create proper 80's Y body silhuette.
Lee with bigger than big hair and full heavy make up.
Two toned leather jacket and stud bracelets giving rebellious look.
Lee Aaron is now adays a very proud mother of two children.
Ever so hot Lee Aaron at Sweden Rock in 2011.

 How to get the 80's metal babe look? Think curled and crimped long brown hair with long bangles, roots teased to make hair look even bigger, full make up with eyeliner, mascara, blusher and dark lipstick, lycra bodycon dresses, micro shorts, stud belts and bracelets, cropped tops, western inspired black boots, bandana scarves, high waist skinny jeans.

Black and white striped crop top gives great 80's wibe with modern twist.
Red hot leather micro shorts are just right to create Lee Aarons sexy look.
Thin studded wrap belt around hips to give rock edge to sex kitten look.

Western inspired black boots for true 80's feel.
Classic red bandana scarf was a must in the 80's-

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