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Icon: Shampoo (band), singers Jacqui Blake and Caroline "Carrie" Askew
Born: -
Height: -
Known for: British all-girl band in the 90's
Story: Jacqui and Carrie were best friends at secondary school. In the early 90's they started writing Last Exit, a fanzine for Manic Street Preachers and later appeared in the band's video for Little Baby Nothing. During school time girls formed band Shampoo. Their first single "Blisters and Bruises" was released by Icerink Records in 1993. Their first singles got positive reviews from the music press such as NME and Melody Maker but were still ignored by general public. In 1994 they released their first album We are Shampoo and a song Trouble reached huge public success. The band became also moderately succesfull in Japan. After this their success could not hold and their 1995 album Girl Power did not follow their first albums success. Their last album Absolute Shampoo was released only on the internet in 2000. Duo split up shortly afterwards.
Style: Shampoo was known for their image of poppy girlishness with punk edge. They said to love all things kitsch, plastic and pink. Girls were the epitome of 90's fashion with colours, platinum blond straight hair, cropped t-shirts, platform shoes and punky attitude. Shampoo was the first pop acts to wear kitschy babydoll look with tiaras, babydoll dresses and plastic heart shaped sunglasses.

Shampoo's biggest hit was Trouble. Their music video shows two sweet looking pop girls with attitude.

Carrie and Jacqui with typical 90's girly punky look with skimpy tight shirts and plastic sunglasses.
Heart shaped sunglasses and skimpy t-shirts.
Skimpy t-shirts with prits were the latest pop fashion in the 90's. Both girls wearing trendy two hair buns with flowers.
Girls with little grungier look with messy hair.
Lolita punk girls were popular in kitsch loving Japan. Girls wearing typical 90's center part straight hair with matte make up, over sized clubbing sunglasses, skimpy printed t-shirts, fitted motorcycle inspired jackets, a-line mini skirts and knee high boots.
Girls wearing flared pants with colour.
Shampoo launched term girl power inspired by the 90's Riot Girl movement before Spice Girls. Here girls wearing Dr Marten boots that were so very popular in the 90's just like Jacquis PVC trousers.

Girls are the epitome of the 90's pop fashion - tight cropped printed t-shirt, a-line mini skirt, knee high platform boots, two buns with flowers on hair, PVC trousers, Dr Marten boots, matter make up, no tanning and over sized sunglasses.

How to get the 90's punk pop girl power look? Think matt make up, plugged eyebrows, red lipstick, no tanning, plastic hair pins, two hair buns, flowers in hair, childish tiaras, skinny fit tight cropped t-shirts with prints, a-line miniskirts, knee high platform boots, Dr Marten boots, PVC pants, cropped shirts, motorcycle inspired fitted jackets, bright bold colours, clashing colours, plastic sunglasses.

Bright printed skinny fit t-shirt to get the right 90's feel.
A-line miniskirt is a must for 90's punky girly look. Acne/
Simple cut motorcycle leather jacket with high neck was the most fashionable jacket in the 90's. Ralp Lauren/

pink platform boots give the right childish kitsch wibe to the 90's punk pop look.

Yellow skull flower hair clips to finish off the hair bun style. Tarina Tarantino/
Black oval plastic sunglasses in the 90's style. Tom Ford/

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