Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Floppy hat

Icon: Floppy hat, wide brim felt hat
Style: Floppy hat was the classic accessory for the ladies who holiday in the early years of 20th century. In the 60's this upper class accessory was adopted to young pop fashion and became very popular during the 70's. Nowadays floppy hat is an ultimate accessory for anyone desiring to look 70's rock star. Floppy hat gives mystery to the person hiding under it's wide brim and it's showy outlook makes anyone a rock star.

Silent film star Clara Bow wearing floppy hat.
Marilyn Monroe in her floppy sun hat.
Miss Pamela Des Barres at front wearing wide brim floppy hat made out of velvet.
Travellers on their way to the original Woodstock - she is wearing a floppy hat to give cover from festival rain and sun.
Marianne Faithfull at left wearing wide brim hat on top of her hippie outfit.
Bridgitte Bardot and her trademark white floppy felt hat.
Pattie Boyd wearing straw version of the floppy hat.
Modern day free spirit Paris Hilton wearing floppy hat with bright coloured outfit.
Kate Hudson wearing wide brim star hat for summer look.
Kate Moss wearing black floppy felt hat with black fur.

Where to get the look?

Classic felt floppy hat with feather trim to create classic 70's hippie look.

Great wide straw floppy hat for summer hippie look.

Classic straw floppy hat in light beige.
Colour block hat for ultimate 60's wibe.


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