Friday, May 11, 2012

Daisy De La Hoya

Icon: Vanessa Mossman a.k.a. Daisy De La Hoya
Born: 21st October (libra) 1983, Los Angeles, California
Height: 1,57 m
Known for: runner-up in VH-1 dating reality series Rock Of Love 2 with Bret Michaels
Story: Daisy was born in California but was raised in Denver. She began her career in 2003 as a bass player for a band called Seraphim Shock. Band toured U.S.A. Daisy is a niece of champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya. Daisy has been featured in Daisy Rock's Annual Guitar Catalog and also gained popularity through appearances in European magazines. Daisy became better known when she appeared on Rock Of Love 2 in 2008. Daisy reach 2nd place in TV reality dating show with Bret Michaels. In 2009 Daisy got her own dating show Daisy Of Love, where she tried to find her love out of 20 men. In the end she chose man called London for her love and couple dated for few months before splitting up. Later Daisy has been linked to Corey Haim whom she dated just before his death, DaveNavarro and Tommy Lee. Daisy is also doing her own music.
Style: Daisy started her career with very plastic baby doll look wearing skimpy numbers of tiny tops and tiny skirts and low cut pants. Her style was all cute with rock wibe just like studded leather jacket in pink or cute pink and grey miniskirt with handcuff belt. Since then her style has gown up to use less cute and more trendy and edgy. She is not covering up too much by any means. Her style is playing with all styles and cliches without fearing the fashion police. She is a beautiful disaster and not giving up on long blond hair.

Young Daisy with shorter hair and gothic corset top.
Daisy with Dave Navarro. She is wearing black crop top and boyfriend fit low cut boyfriend fitting destroyed jeans.
Daisy in all black - black cropped jacket, black crop top, mini skirt, white belt, leg warmers and platform shoes.
Daisy partying in glitzy sequin LBD and peep toe heels.
Daisy has a full arm tattoo on her other arm giving her true rock feel.
Casual Daisy in white t-shirt, light blue jeans, braided brown belt and a pile of bracelets.
Daisy in 2009 at the premiere of Anvil!The Story of Anvil-movie. She is wearing a rock uniform of white cropped leather jacket with Guns'n'Roses logo, low cut black jeans with studs and Punks Not Dead-belt over hips.
Daisy caught in street wearing casual rock outfit of black leggins, black leg warmers, skull scarf wrapped on hips, cropped and cut AC/DC t-shirt, over sized sunglasses and trilby hat.
Daisy wearing jeans looking leggins, grey leg warmers, black shirt, black oversized bag, oversized sunglasses and a trilby hat.
Daisy in Sundance Festival 2011 wearing grey casual tunic shirt, destroyed leggins and leg warmers over platform shoes.
Daisy in June 2011 wearing mix'n'match outfit with hippie feel feather earrings, punk feel hair and metal feel latex dress.
How to get the Rock Babe look? Think long blond hair, heavy black eye make up, pink lipstick, little tan, skinny but very curvy frame, visible big tattoos, leggins, tunics, cropped tops, mini skirts, platform shoes, leg warmers, studded belts, leather jackets, several bracelets and bangles, dark nail polish, big earrings, over sized sunglasses, light blue destroyed low cut jeans.

Rock'n'roll tank is tough and sexy enough.
Full lenght basic black leggins show great pins without revealing any skin.
Oversized black leg warmers crunched to the ankle are essential for Daisy look.

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