Monday, April 16, 2012

Gun necklace

Icon: gun necklace
Style: Gun necklace received iconic role in rock fashion when punk legend Nancy Spungen wore one in photoshoot. Nowadays gun jewerly might have even more rebellious feel to them since violence has become even greater problem in modern society. When Nancy wore her necklace in rather childish way of rebellion, nowadays this kind of jewerly has even more brutal wibe.

Nancy Spungen with her gun necklace.
Lindsay Lohan wearing small gun necklace.
Pop rebel Rihanna wearing her gun necklace.
Film industry bad girl Angelina Jolie wearing firearm pedant.

Where to get the gun necklace?

Small classic metallic gun necklace for rebel look.
Modern funky way to wear firearm pendant.
Acrylic gun necklace for funky look.
Silver beaded pistol necklace for cute rock lolita look.

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