Monday, April 23, 2012


Icon: D'arcy Elizabeth Wretzky
Born: 1st May (taurus) 1968, South Haven, Michigan
Height: 1,73 m
Known for: bass player for alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins
Story: Wretzky was born and raised in Michigan. Her lounge singer mother encouraged her and her sisters to perform music. She played violin and oboe and performed in choirs when growing up. Wretzky grew up to be "tomboy" and got interested in post-punk music in high school where she started to play in cover bands. After high school she moved to Chicago, where she met Billy Corgan after attending to a consert in local rock club. Corgan recruited her into his band, Smashing Pumpkins. Later Corgan has stated that after bands huge success album Mellon Collie and the Infinte Sadness, Wretzky began a slow descent into insanity and/or drugs. She was fired from the band and soon after she was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. After Wreztky joined the band Catherine as a second vocalist. She was married to Catherine member Kerry Brown 1993-1999. Wretzky has stayed out of public eye for many years, but in 2009 she unexpectedly gave an phone interview to Chigaco radio show. She stated she wasn't "healthy" enough to be a musician and told to be living in a farm in Michigan. Wretzky was jailed in February 2011 for six days in jail for missing four court dates related to a ticket she received for failing to control her horses. She was also arrested in February 2011 for drunken-driving.
Style: D'arcy has followed trends in music and styled herself to fit the music she has been performing. In grunge years she looked every inch of grunge star with baggy jumpers and sweaters, leggins, destroyed jeans and military boots. Even though she wore same kind of clothes than her male collegues, she wore occasionaly also feminine baby doll dresses that were highly popular in grunge fashion. Her outlook was completed with long straight bleached hair and minimum make up. Since grunge years D'arcy has tried different looks to fit her art.

Fresh faced D'arcy.
D'arcy with Smashing Pumpkins. She is wearing baggy sweater and a hat.
D'arcy in grunge uniform of baggy jumper, destroyed ligh blue jeans and Rayban shades.
D'arcy wearing her favourite stripy jumper, black leggins, yellow knee high sock and high top military boots. Her look is completed with bleached hair and red lipstick.
Grunge star D'arcy wearing typical low key outfit of jeans, stripy t-shirt and Raybans.
D'arcy and grunge babydoll dress with small flower print.
D'arcy in 1992.
Futuristic D'arcy with silver hair, silver lipstick and see-through black top.
Futuristic Smashing Pumpking in 1995.
More grown up D'arcy with blond bob, white blazer, black top and dark lipstick.
D'arcy with Mickey Rourke. Her plastic surgery has changed her natural look.

How to get the grunge virtuose look? Think long bleached straight hair, no tanning, matt make up, minimum make up, bright red lipstick, thin eyebrows, baggy sweaters and jumpers, black leggins, destroyed ligh blue boyfriend fit jeans, LEVI'S 501 jeans, military boots, loose fit baby doll mini dresses, knee high socks, round Rayban sunglasses, no jewerly, no nail polish.

Short sleeved printed baby doll minidress is a must for grunge look.

Earthy tone textured knee high sock to give edge to dress look.

High top Dr. Martens boots to complete the grunge look.

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