Monday, April 16, 2012

Converse sneakers

Icon: Converse sneaker a.k.a. Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe
Style: Converse company has been making athletic fashion and shoes since 1908. Converse makes several kinds of shoes, but usually word referres to one style, Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoe which has been seen a lot in rock'n'roll scene too. Throughout the years All Stars had made a shift from sportswear to casual footwear. Originally an elite basketball shoe, All Star evolved into a shoe of choice for many subcultures. All Stars have been popular with greasers, punks, grunge rockers, alternative rockers, surfers, metalheads, rappers and skaters.

Converse All Stars are an essential for Ramones punk look as seen here on DeeDee far left.
Post punk Blondie and sneakers.
Punk rock band The Clash singer Joe Strummer wearing white Converse sneakers.
Punk new wave band Jam and red All Stars.
Kurt Cobain and his faithful pair of Converse shoes.
Guitarist Slash has always accounted on Converse All Stars and he is still wearing them.
Ashlee Simpson wearing her traditional black canvas sneakers with blazer and skinny jeans.
Always funky Gwen Stefani wearing her Converses in grey and studded.
Pop singer Avril Lavigne trusts Converses to give her more attitude.
Kelly Osbourne wearing simple hooodie and jeans look with Converse sneakers.

Where to get the Converse sneakers?

Classic canvas Chuck Taylors in several colours are the most known casual rock footwear.
Converse Marimekko bright printed low sneakers for ultimate 60's look.
High top white and blue Converse sneakers for 80's look.
High top Stars and Stripes Converse sneakers for 80's look.
All Star light sneaker is great for summer.

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