Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leather pants

Icon: Leather pants

Style: Leather pants create many images to mind always from Bavarian mens pants to rebellious but practical motorcycle clothing to skin tight sexy rock gods and goddesses. In the 70's punk and 80's metal and hard rock scene leather pants were compulsory. They gave rough edge to other wise quite feminine looking men in bands like Mötley Crüe and other hand leather pants gave masculine edge to the ladies of 80's rock. Leather pants sre not be the most comfortable clothing since they make always your pins sweat or shiver with cold, but they never ever lack rebel or sexy feel. Leather pants have found their way to high street fashion stores during last years, but still they have that very sinful feel to them.

Jim Morrison is one of the most famous rock gods to wear leather pants.
Punky Chrissie Hynde wearing leather pants.
Joan Jett wearing leather look from head to toe.
Guitar goddes Lita Ford shows how masculine leather is ultra feminine.
80's ladies band Vixen showed skinny leather pants are totally feminine and sexy.
German rock goddes Doro Pesch is known for her leather image.
Kat Von D and her ultimate rock image with tattoos and skimpy leather.
Sexy girl Carmen Electra shows how to wear masculine leather pants in pretty modern way with white blazer and heels.
Modern day groupie model goddes Kate Moss and her pair of zipper leather pants.

Where to get the leather pants? 

For coolest version choose skinny vegan leather pants in black.

Get Jim Morrisons hippie feeling with cognac brown pants. Balmain/
Skinny leather pants with lace up detail give true biker feel to the look. Faith Connexion/

If you want classic looking leather choose these cropped pants. Acne/
To get 80's look wear high waist full lenght skinny pants. Donna Karan/

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