Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wendy James

Icon: Wendy James
Born: 21st January (aquarius) 1966, London, UK
Height: 1,73cm
Known for: singer song-writer, singer in pop band Transvision Vamp
Story: Wendy James was adopted soon after her birth and she left apodtion home at the age of sixteen moving to Brighton. In Brighton she met Nick Christian Sayer, with whom she fell in love and also started making music with. Couple moved to London and formed a pop-punk band Transvision Vamp with friends Dave Parsons, Tex Axile and Pol Burton. James became a lead singer and she attracted media with her sexual and rebellious image. Band was signed by MCa in 1987 and in 1989 they reached their succes with album Velveteen. After Transvision Vamp split up Wendy continued on to a solo career. She collaborated with Elvis Costello who wrote her new material. She released her solo album Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears in 1993. When her solo album did not reach succes, she took a break from music scene. In 2004 she formed a band called Racine. The group released two albums before splitting up in 2008. In 2010 she released yet another solo album.
Style: Wendy has been known for her platinum blonde sex kitten look. Transvision Vamp relayed on the media attraction over Wendy's image and after this she has kept up her appearance. Her look is based on her thin frame, platinum blonde bob and lucious lips. She has always had a little trashy look giving her a bad girl image. She has never tried to disguise her sexuality over modest or subtly stylish clothes, but her outlook has been directly what she is.

Transvision Vamp and their sexy lead singer.
Wendy as a lead singer in Tranvision Vamp. Her sexy rebel look gave the band a great image in media.
Wendy pretty in pink. Childish t-shirt and accessories give naughty feel to her overly sexual image.
Wendy in punk. Her spiky platinum hair give great rebellious wibe to ultra feminine looks.
Simple figure hugging lycra dress, matching plastic earrings, black lined eyes, bright pink lips and platinum bob make a perfect 80's pop siren.
Messy hair, lycra dress and pile of cheap jewelry give Wendy a sexy "couldn't care a less" look.
Yet another typical 80's bodycon dress with cut outs and cute pink colour.
Crop top, pile of jewelry and destroyed high waist light blue jeans in typical 80's style.
Wendy with simple lycra outfit and a pile of accessories to give edge for the look.
Wendy's perfect lolita look.
Grown up Wendy still trusting her sex appeal. Pink has changed to grown up bright red.
Wendy in 2009 at Rolling Stone party. She is still sporting platinum blonde and black eyeliner rock chic.

How to get the 80's pop lolita look?  Think child like pastel colours with overly sexy lycra clothes, figure hugging bodycon dresses, textured lycra, lots of jewelry, big earrings, multiple mix matched earrings, pale pink lips, heavy black eyeliner, platinum blonde bob hair, tanned skin, lace, colour cordination with same colour between accessories, clothing and make up.

Crinkled pink bodycon dress to give proper 80's look. Forever21.

Flat black boots give rock edge to girly pink dress. Cole Haan/
White leg warmers crushed to the ankles are a must for 80's look. American Apparel.
Big chunky heart necklace. Guess.
Classic silver heart locket necklace keep true to 80's style. Kohl's.
Oversized cross necklace is also a must for 80's look. Kohl's.
Get bling with multiple earrings and match colour with clothes. Juicy Couture/
Don't be afraid of the bling. Finish style with showy chunky earrings. New York&Company.
Frosty pink lipstick gives the right innocent look. Choose tone to match with accessories. NARS.

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