Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shirley Manson

Icon: Shirley Ann Manson
Born: 26th August (virgo) 1966, Edinburgh, Scotland
Height: 1,70 m
Known for: recording artist and actress, lead singer of the rock band Garbage
Story: Manson was secnd daughter for her university lecturer dad and former singer mum. She started playing piano at the age of 7 and attended later City of Edinburgh music school and Broughton high music department. She got bullied hard in school and after serious depression and self-injury she found refugee in rebellious lifestyle and new rebel friends. In 1983 st the age of 16 Manson joined scottish band Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie singing backup vocals and playing keyboards. Manson had a brief relationship with the bands lead singer Martin Metcalfe but stayed with the band even after split up. Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie split up in 1992 and Manson started new band Angelfish. Angelfish released one album and single Suffocate me Manson as it's lead singer. After seeing Suffocate me in MTV, Garbage member Butch Vig wanted Manson to join the band. In 1994 after two auditions she became the lead singer for Garbage. In 1995 Garbage released their first album Garbage and it shoot band to international fame. Band split up briefly in 2003 but quickly reunited and released their 4th album Bleed Like Me in 2005. In 2010 Garbage returned to studio to record their 5th album. In 2008 Manson was cast in her first professional acting role on final season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Manson was married to sculptor Eddie Farrel in 1996-2001. She married again in May 2010 with record producer and Garbage sound engineer Billy Bush in Los Angeles court house. Manson is currently living in Los Angeles.
Style: Shirley Manson's most distinctive feature is her red hair and pale skin, which she got bullied for in school. After shooting fame with Garbage Shirley has done modeling jobs for such companies as Calvin Klein and has been recognized as a fashion icon. Shirleys style has been the epitome of 90's minimalist look with only few colours at the time, clean cuts and minimum accessories. Often her trademark deep bright red lipstick has been the only colour in other wise black outfit.

Shirley Manson as a school student. She got bullied over her gorgeus red hair.
Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. Shirley with 80's up ponytail at second left.
Angelfish lead singer.
Garbage and perfect 90's minimalist image.
Shirley in very simple one coloured 90's outfit - t-shirt and A-line miniskirt with fishnet tights. No jewerly and only make up giving colour.
PVC was popular material in 90's rock and clubbing wear. Simple clean cut to keep attention in material.
Yet another minimalist 90's outfit in black. Buttoned shirt, A-line skirt and fishnet tights.
Two colours and simply cut clothes without any accessories.
Shirley performing 2001. Minimalist outfit with simple dress, black accessories and fishnet tights to give perfect sexy rock star look.

Rock star with simple black and white outfit.
Shirley is still trusting to keep outfit colours minimal. Black, white and red outfit with masculine jacket and shorts and feminine fishnet tights and killer heels.
Shirley in 2009 with softly curled hair and faminine clothes. Heavy black lined eyes give rock edge to softer look.
Shirley and her natural beauty without make up.
Shirley in 2010.

How to get the 90's minimal rock look? Think one colour hair, longer bob hair style, straight hair, pale skin without tanning, matt make up, deep red lipstick, heavy black eyemake up, only few colours in one outfit, minimum accessories and jewerly, silver simple jewerly, fishnet tights, simple graphic clothes, Calvin Klein 90's minimalist look, A-line mini skirts, well cut fitted blouses, turtle necks, square toe boots with block heels.

Classic black 3/4 sleeve buttoned shirt is a great base for 90's look. Matalan.

Black sleeveles turtle neck jumper. Mango.

Black elastic A-line mini skirt is a must to copy Shirleys 90's look. Stella McCartney/Bluefly.

Classic black fishnet tights to give proper rock edge to the look. Nordstrom.
Black square toe block heel ankle boots to finish off 90's look. Calvin Klein/Zappos couture.
If 90's was a fragrance, it would be Calvin Klein One. Sephora.

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