Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Janis Joplin

Icon: Janis Lyn Joplin
Born: 19th January (capricorn) 1943, Port Arthur, USA (died 4th October 1970, Los Angeles, USA)
Height: 1,65 m
Known for: American singer and songwriter
Story: Janis was born in Texan small town. As a teen Janis became overweight and suffered from bad acne only to be bullier by peers. Unconventional teenage girl became a beatnik poet at the age of 14 after reading an articel on Time-magazine. Many of her friends have described her later as inner-softy even though she seemed quite hard and tough outside. Janis styled herself after her blues heroines and beat poets. Her first song "What Good Can Drinkin' Do" was recorded in 1962 at fellow students home. Joplin found refugee in San Francisco hippie scene after arriving to the city in 1963 ""just to get away from Texas". In San Francisco her drug taking increased heavily but she also started to make music. First she recorded a number of blues standards with future Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. Due to her raw and strong voice she was asked to join local band Big Brother & Holding Company. Bands seconnd album Cheap Trills was released in 1968 and it became USA list number one. Joplin lead alcohol, drug and free sex fueled life as any other rock star of her time. Janis continued on solo career after the band split up but she died 1970 in Landmark Motor Hotel in Los Angeles in heroin overdose only at the age 27. Her last album Pearl was released 1971 and it became her most successful album.
Style: Janis was and is the epitome of a flower child. She was the queen of hippie era and she wore her flashy feather crown proudly. Her style was everything what you think when you think hippies. She wore tie dyed clothes, she wore oversized tinted round sunglasses, she did not use any make up nor used bras, her hair was naturally wild and big and undone, she wore strong spicy colours and oriental inspired baggy clothes, she piled beaded necklaces on  her neck and bangles in her wrists much before Madonna and she even had a visible tattoo on her wrist way before it became commonly popular and accetable. Janis was unique, bold and loud also in her fashion just like in her music and personal life.

Young Janis graduating.
Beatnik Janis playing guitar.
Janis before stardom in basic t-shirt and pants outfit but she already has pile of beads on her neck.
Smiling Janis in satin ruffle blouse.
Effortlessly sexual Janis with her favourite beverage Southern Comfort whisky.
Janis and perfect hippie uniform with round tinted sunglasses, tie dyed minidress and long beads.
Janis and loose sexy top with piles of jewellery and tight bell bottom spandex pants.
Janis with the guys. She is wearing sexy dark minidress and lace tights maybe to show she is more than "one-of-the-guys".
Janis in red. Bell sleeved blouse, light bown crochet vest, courdoroy pants, red stockings with sandal heels and pile of necklaces finished with blue feather boa in hair.
Janis in fur jacket and fur hat with loose jeans.
Janis enjoying a drink all glammed up look. She is wearing satin top and metallic sandal heels. Tattoo on her wrist was very unusual by the time.
Peacock Janis with all her beads, feathers and jewelry. Her flower child open sexuality is not to be hidden in bras.
The Pearl. She is wearing the outfit immortalised by her - loose long sleeved tunic top, loose fitting red pants, red platform sandals, red feather boa in hair and piles and piles of jewerly.

How to get the Hippie Queen look? Think all the basic items of the hippie look - tie dyed clothing, feather boas, sandal heels, no make up and no bras, natural long hair with center parting, spicy colours, lace, satin, velvet, cordoroy, loads of jewerly - bead necklaces, bangles, rings, loose fitting clingy clothing, tunics, ruffle shirts, bell bottom pants and jeans, mini dresses, tinted oversized round sunglasses.

Perfect mini lenght sundress for hippie queen with bell sleeves in strong green tie dye colour.
You can add pretty white crochet vest to the look to get more layers.
Add metallic lace bell bottoms to the look if you don't dare to go bare legs.
If you dare go all the way and add feather boa in your hair.

Add enough beads to neck. Matalan.
Bangles are necessary to get Janis's bling. Debenhams.
Large tinted round sunglasses are a must for Janis look. Urban Outfitters,

Bling bling rings to complete the look. Asos,com.
Metallic wedges to keep feminity of the look but on these you can get by even in wild gig night. Michael Kors/

Monday, February 27, 2012

fringe bag

Icon: Fringe bag
Style: Fringe bag is a classic accessory in rock inspired fashion. It has just the right amount of rebellious native feel to it. Usually this native American inspired accessory is made out of tan suede, but shiny leather will give all new harder look for it. Suede's soft earthy tones give proper 60's hippie feel to the look, but fringe was also very popular in the 80's with light stone washed denim.

Native American medicine bags. Original bag with fringes.
Party queen Kate Moss loves the rebellious feel of the black leather fringe bag.
Kate Hudson with grungy feeling jeans and check shirt outfit with casual dark brown suede bag.
Nicole Richie with basic suede fringe bag combined to loose shiffon blouse and leggins.
Fergie's great rock look with white denim and black leather fringe.
Kat Von D and some serious stars and stripes fringe bag.

Where to get the fringe bag?

To get down-to-earth but rebellious flower child rock look choose hand made native American waist bag. Big Quartz.

Choose modern version of the suede medicine bag for soft hippie rock look. Ralph Lauren/Net-a-Porter.
Black classical half moon shape fringe bag to hold all nesessities in any gig or a festival. Firetrap.

For hard rock look choose black studded fringe bag. JJ Winters/

Very cute fringe bag in black leather with silver zippers for true rock feel. Treesje/

Fringes are not limited to shoulder bags. Choose fringe clutch for more lady-like look. Cassandra/

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kat Von D.

Icon: Katherine von Drachenberg a.k.a Kat Von D
Born: 8th March (aries) 1982, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Height: 1,76 m
Known for: tattoo artist, reality show star, relantionships with Nikki Sixx, Alex Orbison and Jesse James
Story: Kat was born in Mexico to Argentinan born parents. The family moved to California when Kat was 4 years old. Katherine has a sister and a brother. She started playing classical piano when 6. She took her first tattoo only at the age of 14 and qiut school when 16 to became a professional tattoo artist. In 1998 she met her now ex-husband Oliver Peck and started working in his Texan tattoo shop. She was asked to work in Ink in Miami tattoo shop after steady tattoo artist Darren Bass broke his elbow and was unable to work. TLC network reality show Miami Ink was filmed in tattoo shop and she starred in first four seasons of the show before falling out with Ami James. She was asked to leave and she got her own show L.A. Ink in Los Angeles High Voltage Tattoo shop. L.A. Ink was cancelled in 2011 after 4 seasons. Von D has published two books, in 2009 High Voltage Tattoo about her tattoo shop and in 2010 Tattoo Chronicles about her own life. In 2008 she launched make up range for Sephora and tattoo-music happening MusInk.Kat was married to tattoo artist Oliver Peck in 2003-2007. After divorce she dated Roy Orbison son Alex Orbison in 2007-2008 Mötley Crüe basist Nikki Sixx 2008-2010 and in 2010 she confirmed to be dating tv personality and motorcucle customizer Jesse James. Couple even got engaged but in October 2011 they announced final separation. Kat has tattooed various celebrities and is also known for her vastly tattooed image. She is a great fan off orck and metal music.
Style: Kat has a very strong distinctive look and she is not afraid to be noticed. She mix matched fabrics, colors and doesn't care about any old rules of fashion. While it is clear her outfits are always very well planned her outlook is always very comfortable looking on her. She wears what feels natural and good on her, even it might not be according to the good taste. Her look is an epitome of California rock'n'roll with heavily tattooed skin, bright colours, little hints of 70's or 80's rock fashion such as flared pants or skin tight spandex pants, 40's inspired heavy ultra feminine make up and great thin body which she is not afraid to show.

Kat with husband Oliver Peck. Peck has later accused Von D of obsessive weight lost with drugs and alcohol. He also accused Von D of an affair which lead to their divorce. She got sober in 2008.
Kat with Orbi. Orbi was very shocked when Kat later left him for Nikki Sixx.
Kat and Nikki Sixx. Pair got very much public attention when together and they truly looked ultimate rock'n'roll couple.
Kat and ex-fiance Jesse James with casual outfits. Kat is still wearing spandex.
Kat in great black outfit with fitted black jacket, black spandex pants and platform sandals.
Kat in 70's inspared look with brown flared velvet pants and big sunglasses.
Kat all glammed up with Jesse. Her metallic figure hugging bodycon dress and platform heels are just right for her rock look.

Kat with basic rock uniform of  band t-shirt and jeans.

Kat is epitome of the confident woman who is not afraid to show of the body. Platform boots give her a great amazon look.

Kat in 70's inspared outfit with green strapless top, light blue flared jeans and wedges.

Kat wearing skinny leather pants with over the knee leather boots. Combination not worn every day by every girl but Kat can totally rock the look.
White lace and black leather - just an average day outfit for Miss Von D.

How to get the Trashy Tattoo Amazon look? Think mix and matching colours, prints and materials, matching all possible rock pieces in one outfit, leather, lace, spandex, skinny tight pants, flared pants, bikini tops, crop tops, fitted blazers, platform shoes, 40's heavy makeup with dark eyes and bright lips, no tanning, heavy tattoos all over body, thin body, sunglasses, short dark polished nails, sexy girly hair, animal prints, bright colours, black, DIY cut t-shirts

Leopard print bikini top gives just the right sexy look. Dolce&Gabbana/Net-a-Porter.

Van Halen crop top. Forever 21.

Skinny jeans are a must for Kat's trashy rock amazon look. Diesel/Revolve Clothing.

Black leather fringe bag with just right boho look. MZ Wallace/Nordstrom.

Silk scarf to tie around the handbag strap just like rock stars. Burberry/Shopbop.

Feather earrings with rebellious native feel. Serefina/Shopbop.
Brown leather belt with big buckle. Zalando.
Leopard platfrom shoes are a must to get correct rock amazon feel. ALDO/Asos.
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