Monday, January 9, 2012

Tairrie B.

Icon: Tairrie B. a.k.a.Theresa Beth
Born: 18th January (aquarius) 1965, Anaheim California
Known for: American singer
Queen B:  Tairrie started her music career in a female dance group Bardeux but she left the duo after their first single "Three-time lover" in 1987. After this Tairrie pursued career as a white female rapper and she released 1990 an album "The Power of A Woman". The album gained some positive reviews but was a commercial failure. She was already making her second rap album when she decided to change her musical direction away from rap and she formed in 1995 metal band Manhole (later renamed Tura Satana),My Ruin and LVRS. Tairrie married her long time partner and My Ruin guitarist Mick Murphy on Christmas eve 2008.
Style: Tairrie has walked her own path on fashion road. She had her pop look during her dance group days and blond ambitions on her rap days, but since then she has found her signature style with black shiny hair, porcelain skin, thin black drawn eye brows and fire red lips. She is all the way rock'n'roll in her outlook even she may vary her clothes from ultra feminine lingerie looking dresses to masculine gangsta kind of head bands with jeans and t-shirt. She has a strong since of own style and her look has nothing to do with current trends.

Tairrie B started her music career in dance duo Bardeux.
Tairrie was among the first if not the first white women to rap on a released album.

Tairrie wore a black gown on her wedding in Tennesee.
Tairries all the way rock look with skimpy t-shirt and leather pants.
Tairrie playing with accessories - hat and a tie.
Tairrie has several traditional tattoos which give colour to her black spoken look.
Tairrie's look has inspiration from the pin up girls with short straight bangs and sexy lingerie.

Tairrie sporting sexy pin up look.
Tairrie wearing masculine outfit with headband, t-shirt, leather vest and sweat armband. Her 40's style make up keeps the look still very feminine and sexy.
Tairrie in lucky hotel suite in her honeymoon. She is wearing black look but shiny boots, red lipstick and tattoos give enough contrast colour.

How to get the rockwhore look? Think black or dark brown shiny hair, bright red lipstick, white matte skin, black heavy eye makeup, very thin plugged eyebrows with black drawn outlook, no blusher, short black or red nails, black clothes, lace underwear gowns, jeans and t-shirts, traditional tattoos with colours.

Dare all the way in this look with sexy lingerie dress. Triumph/Asos.
Suspender tights are a must have sexy detail in this look. House of Holland/Asos.
Platform shoes give this look correct rock edge.
For colder season add sexy skintight lurex cardi on top of the look. Betsey Johnson.

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