Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Patti Boyd

Icon: Patricia Anne Boyd a.k.a Patti Boyd
Born: 17th March (pisces) 1944, Taunton, Somerset, England
Height: 1,70 m
Known for: english model and photographer, former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton
Story: Patti moved to London in 1962 first working in Elizabeth Arden's as a shampoo girl. Quickly she started a modeling career. Even rejected by many photographers due to her unconvetional looks including rather prominent front teeth, she found succes in her work and modelled in London, New York and Paris also appearing cover of fashion bible Vogue's UK and Italian editions in 1969. Patti was casted to a Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night as a school girl fan in 1964 and she met bands member George Harrison. At the time Patti was "semi-engaged" to a boyfriend Eric Swayze but soon she ended the relationship to be free dating George who kept asking her for a dinner. Boyd and Harrison married in February 1966. Through her interest in in Eastern mysticsm she inpired the whole Beatles with the subject.  John Lennon and Rolling Stone singer Mick Jagger have also been said to have been attracted to Boyd. Boyd had a brief affair with future Rolling Stone member Ronnie Wood in 1973 as her marriege with George was failing. Couple split up in 1974. Later Boyd has admitted Harrison as the love of her life and long time regret for not working things out with him at the time. In 1979 Boyd married Eric Clapton, who was reportedly had been in love with Patti ever since 1960's when meeting with George and Patti. George had briefly dated Patti's sister Paula, but Paula soon left Eric when findig out he was using her as a substitute for her sister. Clapton's hit song Layla is written about Patti. Although Patti drank and admits taking drugs, she never bacame addict like Clapton. Claptons increasing use of alcohol drove Patti away from the marriage and She started seeing photographer Will Christie. Boyd and Clapton divorced 1989 after several affairs. Clapton had two children with another women during his marriege to Boyd. Patti was never able to concieve children. Boyd published her autobiography in 2007.
Style: Patti was in front line of fashion with her career as a fashion model. She had perfect mod image that even supermodel Twiggy has revealed to copy in the beginning of her own career. Patti has always had clean and pretty image - she is not the bad girl of rock'n'roll but the innocent blue eyed angel who everybody wants to love. Patti's most distinctive features have been blond long hair, big blue eyes and even bigger lips. Her look in based on 60's typical make up look of dark eyes and pale nude lips and 60's typical hair with high teased head crown and long thick bangs. Patti has always followed trends from clean mod look to more bohemian hippy look and more mature looks from there on.

Patti became very succesful on her modeling career despite her unconventional looks.
Patti and George in the beginning. Patti is looking very pretty with stylish baret and well cut wool coat.
Mod Patti with double breast cocoon coat.
Patti with 60's make up - black mascara and cat eyeliner, lighter eye shadow on lower eye lid and darker eye shadow on upper eye lid in banana shape. Pale nude lips are a must in this look.

Patti and ultimate mod image. Graphic long sleeved shift dress and Mary Janes.

Patti and George smiling. Later in the 60's clothes are getting more soft cut than the clean mod look.
Patti in 70's floppy wide brim hat and wrap mini dress.
Tinted sunglasses giving hippy feeling to the graphic mod look.
Flower power Patti in yet another mini dress.
Patti and Eric Clapton in 70's outfits.
Patti Boyd and Eric Clapton getting married.
Patti has kept her beautiful look of blond hair, big blue eyes and pretty pink lips.

How to get the Mod Icon look? Think 60's mod look with long blond hair, long thick bangs, teased from crown and ends curled out, black eye makeup with pale nude lips, graphic patterns and bright colours, mini dresses, shift dresses, A-line clothes, knee high boots and Mary Jane shoes, trench coats, cocoon coats, wool coats, minimalist accessories.

For the original early 60's mod look choose A-line colour block dress. Haven/Bergdorff Goodman.
Low heel patent leather Mary Janes are a must for the original mod look. Penelope/
Classic wool beret hat gives intellectual beatnik wide for the mod look. Parkhurst/Nordstrom.
Double breast wool coat for colder seasons. Hope/

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