Monday, January 23, 2012

Jenni Vartiainen

Icon: Jenni Mari Vartianen
Born: 20th March 1983 (pisces), Kuopio, Finland
Height: 1,72 m
Known for: Finnish pop singer
Story: Kuopio born Jenni studied in music high school and was a national champion level iceskater until 16 year old. She took part in Finnish reality talent show Popstars, where she became known as a member of popgroup Gimmel. Gimmel released three albums during their two years of together in 2002-2004. After group informed splitting Vartiainen started to plan a solo career. She released her first solo album "Ihmisten edessä" in 2007 and second album "Seili" in 2010. "Seili" was a huge succes and after long tour Jenni informed taking a long holiday. Jenni might not be typical rock girl but her unique style has captivated the attention of all kinds of listeners in Finland where metal music is commonly liked. Jenni is living together with musician Jukka Immonen.
Style: Jenni has grown from Popstars days to be very stylish disco diva. She has a strong own look with naturally beautiful face, dark hair, flawless pale porcelain skin and thin body. Even though she makes quite poppy music and is adored by rock fans, her style is neither pop or rock. Her outlook is most of all stylish and distinctive with influences from 60's and 80's  graphic look, hippies bohemian look and 70's disco look. She's not the girl next door but a fashion muse to follow.

Jenni in the middle with her pop trio Gimmel.

Jennis signature style is strong edgy feminity with bohemian touch. Strong black and white stripes in graphic design with feminine over the top jewerly.
Jenni and the stripes. Her black and white colouring extends from hair and skin to the clothes.
Jenni has also a softer side with curly hair and earthy tones. Mature femine look with loose jumpsuit and wide belt on waist reminds from of 80's.
Jenni accentuates her naturally strong colours in hair and skin with basic colours as red.
Feminine flower and wavy loose hair give softness to graphic clothes and strong colours.
Jenni and her softer side with bohemian jumsuit and wild loose hair.
Jenni has a unique since of style and replaces typical gala gown with jumpsuit.
Jenni on stage with bohemian style jumpsuit and accessory pile to match.

How to get the bohemian disco diva look? Think 70's disco and boho styles, graphic desing in strong basic colours white, black and bright red, bright lipstick, dark long hair, pale skin without a tan, waistline, belts, sandal heels, dresses and jumpsuits, bangles and big earrings, one big flower on hair.

Jumpsuit is the key piece creating Jennis feminine edgy look. Asos.

Graphic white and black stripes are a must. Add stripy gardi over the shoulders. Marimekko.
Dark tan leather sandal heels give right 70's touch to the look. Yves Saint Laurent/Net-a-Porter.

Dark tan belt with showy round buckle on waist to emphasize femine shape. Prada/Bluefly.

Gold big semi cirle drop earrings give disco bling to the look. Topshop.
Gold chunky bracelets to add bling with earrings. Topshop.
Bright red hair flower to finish the look.

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