Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heather Locklear

Icon: Heather Deen Locklear
Born: 26th September (libra) 1961, Los Angeles, California
Height: 1,65m
Known for: actress, wife of rock stars Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora
Rock wife club: Californian born Heather Locklear attended UCLA and began modeling and working in commercials while studing. She made her earliest screen appearances in the early 80's before getting the role of Sammy Jo in Aaron Spelling's hit show Dynasty. While doing semi-regular appearances in Dynasty Spelling also casted Heather in the cop show T.J. Hooker. She was a full-time member of the Dynasty cast from 1985 until show cancellation in 1989.  Heather was married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee from May 1986 to August 1993. After their divorce she married Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora December 1994. Heather gave birth to their only child Ava in 1997. The pair split up in 2006. Heather has continued her acting career successfully and had roles in such hit shows as Melrose Place and Spin City, but she has also had problems with anxiety and depression, which she was treated for in medical facility in Arizona in 2008.
Style: Heather's beauty has always been classic Californian look with blond hair, tanned skin and thin body. Her style has naturally varied through decades with current fashions, but she has always kept her look rather simple without exaggerations. She often trusts in basic rock'n'roll combo of top and jeans and does not overload on accessories.

Pretty young Heather as Sammy Jo. Crop top and high waist jeans.

Heather dated Scott Baio before meeting her bad boy husband Tommy Lee. She had more stylish and clean look with Scott.
In 1982 Heather was often seen with Tom Cruise. Heather looking very pretty with hair similar to Farrah Fawcett and trendy outfit with loose jumpuit and metallic belt tightly on waist.
Heather and Tommy getting married in white.

Heather showing her toned and tanned body in black crop top and leggins.

Heather in black lycra top and skinny jeans with heels.
Heather and Tommy both having 80's big hair. Heather wearing 80's typical too big blazer with turn up sleeves.
Heather brightens classic white top and blue jeans look with yellow suede fringe blazer.
Heather in 1986 with teased hair, leather jacket, black eyeliner and big earrings - very classic 80's.
Heather and Tommy in later days of their marriage. Heather sporting classic white top-jeans look. She has toned down her blond hair to classical straigth cut.
Heather with her second husband Richie Sambora and daughter Ava.

Heather's look has always been based on her stunning body and blond locks.
Heather still trust jeans and white top combo.

How to get the Rockwife look? Think tanned body, blond hair teased in roots, blusher on top of cheek bones, nude lips, minimal jewelry, delicate wrist watches, blue high waist jeans, white tops, crop tops, big blazers with sleeves rolled up, white sneakers.

White crop top is necessity for this look. Asos.

Blue high waisted jeans give the correct 80's and early 90's look. Diesel/Asos.

Suede fringe jacket gives little edgy rock wibe other wise quite clean and classic look. Forever21.

Classic white Nike sneakers for basic 80's look. Brandos.
Delicate ladies wrist watch gives a finishing touch to the look. Citizen/American Apparel.

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