Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maja Ivarsson

Icon: Maja Ivarsson
Born: 2nd October (libra) 1979, Åhus, Sverige
Height: 1,73m
Known-for: lead singer of the indie rock band The Sounds
Story: Maja Ivarsson started playing French horn at the age of 8 and at 14 she took up the electric guitar. The Sounds were formed in 1998 in Helsinborg, Sweden by childhood friends Felix Rodriguez and Johan Bengtsson. They invited strinkingly good-looking Maja Ivarsson to join the band as the lead singer. The Sounds are active on the touring circuit and have performed in the United States along with Europe. In 2009 band opened for No Doubt along with Paramore in U.S. tour. Maja has descriped herself bisexual and she had previosly in a 7 year relationship with a woman. After their brake up she has been dating a man.
Style: Maja is well known for her fashionable rock style and in 2011 she signed for a promotion campaign by American hair care company Sebastian Professional. The Sounds have also performed in Berlin Fashion Week in 2011 during the presentation of a German fashion label. Majas style has been compared to Debbie Harrys. She has same kind of rough feminity to her. Her trademark is blond straigth hair and barely covered thin toned body with rock edge clothes. She has six tattoos to give rough edge to her sexy look.

The Sounds early years when Maja was still to discover her inner rock goddes. She is wearing casual rock unifor of boot cut jeans, leather jacket and sneakers just like one of the guys.
Maja taking her place as the sexy lead singer and strutting her stuff in simple loose fitting tank top tunic and open toe heels. Simple but ultimately sexy.
Maja as the ultimate rock seiren in black, leather, studs and of course the smoking cigarette.
Maja and her rock n roll stage uniform of blouse, hot pants, broken black tights and gladiator heels.
Maja sporting skinny tight denim outfit with bandana scarf.
Attitude with black leather hot pants and loose stars and stripes shirt.
Maja in casual rock outfit of black leggins, grey loose tank top, denim jacket, bangles and necklaces, arm tattoo and heavy eye makeup.
Black leather in hot pants and jacket to create sexy but tough image.
Maja wearing loose tunic dress in snake print, golden bangle and braided hair for a softer look.
Maja wearing loose black tunic dress and black open toe pumps for a fashion night out with Kat Von D.
Maja sporting sexy Garbo look in well cut black tuxedo jacket.

How to get the Modern Day Rock Seiren look? Think straight platinum blond hair with side parting, heavy balck make up and nude lipstick, thin but very toned body, tanning, showing legs instead of chest, loose fitting tunis dresses, loose tops, hot pants, sexy heels, blazers, cropped skinny denim jacket, cropped skinny leather biker jackets.

Loose and simply sexy black sleeveless blouse with open back is perfect for this look.
Choose snake print chiffon blouse top if you want a bit more showy rock look.

High waist leather hot pants are a must to create Majas sexy look.
Silver studded bracelet is simple enough with one colour but rich in texture.
Open toe gladiator heels to finish off the sexy rock look.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Denim Jacket

Icon: Denim jacket
Story: Denim jackets were orignally created for workplace to be durable and cover bodyparts in heavy labour. In early 1900's denim company Levi Strauss began noticing popularity of the denim jacket and took their share of this business. Soon denim jacket became associated with rebellious youth and throughout he second half of the 20th century different subcultures used this piece of clothing to show their true colours. Rockers, punks and metal fans have used denim jacket to create a bad boy and bad girl look. Frequently denim jacket comes hip and trendy also in the mainstream fashions, but it is not abandoned by rock'n'roll.

Denim Jackets

  • Denim jackets were originally created for the workplace; they were a part of the overall denim outfit that was rugged and durable, helping to keep parts of the body safe.

Popularity in Fashion

  • Denim jackets became a serious part of fashion thanks to companies like Levi Strauss. The company began seeing success with denim jackets in the early 1900's. Since then, major fashion companies such as Gucci and Givenchy have embraced and used the denim jacket, according to The Guardian.

Read more: The History of Denim Jackets |
Denim jackets were originally created for the workplace; they were a part of the overall denim outfit that was rugged and durable, helping to keep parts of the body safe.

Read more: The History of Denim Jackets |
Bing Crosby wearing Levis denim tuxedo. He was the first musician to launch denim jacket to the world of music.
Elvis writing autographs in denim.
Lizard king Jim Morrison wearing denim jacket with his signature leather pants.
Mick Jagger wearing indigo blue classic denim jacket in early 70's.
Debbie Harry wearing skinny fit denim jacket to create sexy punk look.
Metallica in denim and leather. In right Cliff is wearing his signature denim outfit with 70's style with skinny jacket and bell bottom jeans. In left Kirk is wearing 80's version of the denim uniform with baggier jacket and skinny pants.
80's band Vixen wearing all the way 80's denim jackets in bleached denim, cropped style with heavy shoulder baddings.
Singer Samantha Fox wearing sexy 80's denim uniform.
At right Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon wearing her grunge outfit with denim jacket.
Paramore singer Haley Williams in her customized denim jacket.

Where to get the denim jacket?

Free People Baja denim jacket for a free spirited rebel style.
Classic denim jacket can never go wrong.
Oversized light wash denim jacket for the 80's style.
As a true rebel don't get stuck with the old but play with the classics. Texturized patterned motocycle denim jacket for the true rebel.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Debbie Harry

Icon: Deborah Ann Harry a.k.a Debbie Harry
Born: 1st July (cancer), 1945 Miami, Florida, US
Height: 1,61 m
Known-for: singer-songwriter, lead singer of the Blondie, actress
Story: Harry was adopted to gift shop propprietors in New Jersey. She graduated college in 1965 and moved to New York. She worked as a secretary at BBC Radio Office, waitress at Max's Kansas City and a go-go dancer in Union City disco and also a Playboy Bunny. She began her musical career in the late 60's with folk rock group The Wind in the Willows. In 1974 Harry joined The Stilettos. She then met her future boyfriend Chris Stein. Stein and Harry left The Stilettos to form Angel and the Snake. Shortly after Stein and Harry formed Blondie and the band quickly came regular at Max's Kansas City and CBGB. Band released debut album in 1976 and reached commercial success in the late 70's and early 80's.While leading Blondie, Harry and Stein became life partners as well as musical partners. Couple broke up in the 1990's but continued working together. Harry doesn't have children. She is a strong advocate for gay rights and same-sex marriage. Though she has stated to identify as mostly heterosexual, she has said to have had intimate relationships with both men and women. Besides Blondie Harry has released solo albums and worked as an actress.
Style: With her two-tone bleached blonde hair and persona combining cool sexuality with streetwise style she quickly became a fashion icon. She was adapted by punk crowd but also by disco audience. She was regular at punk club CBGB as well as disco palace Studio 54. Her style has been very sexy, very edgy and very strong - the ultimate sex kitten of new wave punk.

Debbie as the leading blondie of the Blondie. She is wearing bright yellow shift skirt.
Debbie in 70's punky denim outfit with tight high waist skinny jeans and skimpy cropped jean jacket.
Debbie is the original queen of two toned hair.
Graphic outfit of white mini dress with red plastic just enough sexy and punk.
Skinny t-shirt and high waist skinny pants are the 70's Debbie uniform.
Printed blouse, hot pants and over the knee boots for ultimate rock goddess look.
Black and white zebra lycra halterneck dress, big armband and bigger than big teeth necklace for punky disco look.
Debbie in petrol glitter one shoulder mini dress and same colour tights just like they did in those disco days.
Debbie with heavy make up and egyptian inspired hair-do and jewerly to create early 80's power disco look.
Debbie in 2008 all the way rock and sexy in leather and blond bob.

How to get the New Wave Blondie look? Think two tone straight hair, long semi thin bangs, heavy make up, sexy lycra tops and miniskirts, bold coloured clothes, blouses, micro shorts, one shoulder disco tops, skinny jeans, pointy toe heels, leather, sequin tops, small edgy jewerly.

White and black zebra blouse screams wild disco punk just like Debbies signature style.
White high waisted micro shorts.
Over the top over the knee black leather stiletto boots give enough kick for this attitude look.
Simple silver bangle is enough bling for this look.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Edie Sedgwick

Icon: Edith Minturn Sedgwick a.k.a Edie Sedgwick
Born: 20th April (taurus) 1943,Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.  - 16th November 1971
Height: 1,63 m
Known for: actress, socialite, fashion model, heiress, Andy Warhol's superstar, relationship with Bob Dylan
Story: Edie was born to old wealthy family in California. Despite wealth and high social status Sedgwick family had troubles with artist dad's mental problems and all the family children had troubled relationship their father. Edies oldest sister Alice evetually broke contact with family and her two older brother Francis and Robert both died prematerly. Francis comitted suicide in 1964 in psychiatric hospital and Robert, who also suffered from mental health porblems, died in motorcycle accident in 1965. Edie also had problematic relationship with her father and she suffered from anorexia from teen years. She moved to New York in 1964. There she met pop artist Andy Warhol who made Edie his "superstar" replacing Baby Jane Holzer. Edie starred Warhols movies Kitchen, Vinyl and Poor Little Rich Girl. She was described as Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. She left Warhol and his studio The Factory in 1966. After her estrangement from Warhol's inner circle, she became close to Bob Dylan. Dylans songs "Just Like a Woman" and "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" are purportedly about Sedgwick. Their relationship ended when Edie found out Bob had actually married Sara Lownds few months earlier. In 1966 Edie had an intensive relationship with Bob Dylans close friend Bob Neuwirth. In early 1967 Neuwirth broke off their relationship unable to cope with her increasingly heavy addiction to drugs and erratic behavior. In 1967 before her death she also appeared in film Ciao!Manhattan but she wasn't famous without Warhol. She also did some modeling and she was considered as 60's style icon. In July 1971 Edie married Michael Post and under his influence she quitted alcohol and drugs for a short time. Sadly she suffered also from mental problems and quickly again became addicted to barbiturates prescribed to her physical illness. Edie died of drug overdose in 1971 at the age of 28.
Style: Her Factory days trademark look was black leotards, mini dresses and large chandelier earrings. She had her hair cut short and coloured her naturally brown hair with silver spray, creating similar look to the wigs Warhol wore. Later after leaving Warhol and The Factory, Edie grew back her natural brown hair, but she is always remembered from her edgy look as Andy Warhols Superstar.

Innocent looking Edie with her long natural brown hair.
Superstar Edie with short blond hair, chandelier earrings, black and white tunic dress and black tights.
Edie in her signature big earrings, tunic mini dress and black tights.
Edie having a smoke in pink maxi dress.
All the style in black shift dress, black stockings, black pumps, dramatic makeup and bigger than big earrings.
Edie in shift dress and earrings having a drink.
Edie in metallic crop top and pants partying with Andy.
Edie in shift dress and cocoon style fur coat.
Leopard fur coat to give trashy wibe.
Edie in simple classic outfit of turtle neck jersey mini dress, black tights, knee high boots, big earrings and teased up hair.
Edie all natural and pretty in her wedding with Michael Post.

How to get the Factory girl look? Think short blod hair, heavy black make up and thick dark eye brows, nude or pale lips, skinny thin body, shift dresses, jersey mini dresses, black tights, ballerina pumps, pumps, cocoon style fur coats, big chandelier earrings, graphic 60's desings such as stripes.

Simple black sleeveless turtle neck dress is classic and sexy.
Black tights are a must to copy Edies look.
Leopard faux fur coat screams wild child that Edie truly was.
Classic Jessica Simpson black pointy toe pumps scream naughty classic.
Big chandelier earrings give the finishing touch to this look.

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