Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pamela Courson

Icon: Pamela Susan Courson
Born: 22nd December 1946 (sagittarius) Weed, California (died 25th April 1974, Los Angeles, California)

Height: 1,74 m

Known for: girlfriend of Jim Morrison, after death of Jim and Pamela, her parents petitioned an out-of-state court to declare couple had a common-law marriage
Muse of the music: Pamela grew up to be rebellous teenager and she moved to Los Angeles with a friend at the age of 16. She was an art student in Los Angeles City Gollege when she met Jim Morrison at Sunset Strip nightclub The London Fog in 1965. Pamela and Jim had a turbulent relationship with repeated infidelities by both partners. Jim often gave up to the tempetations of groupies and Pamela tried to punish Jim and make him jealous with her own flings. Their love-hate relationship summarises well in Caribbean vacation couple was supposed to take in 1969. They got in a fight in Miami and Jim send her home Los Angeles alone. Perhaps Pamela's biggest mistake was not to make any own career besides being Jim's girlfriend. Jim bought her fashion boutique Themis to manage and sent her on shopping trips on his limo, but beside that she consentrated on Jim. Jim's lover Patricia Kenneally described Pamela later very positively: "I really did like her. She was nice. She wasn't an incredibly towering intellect, but she seemed very sweet and very pretty, very California". Even their turbulent love affair, Jim called Pamela his cosmic mate and dedicated his poetry to her. After Jim's premature death in Paris 1971, Pamelas drug habbits got worse and she became reclusive heroin addict. She died of heroin overdose in 1974 in her Hollywood apartement. She insisted until her death that Jim was still alive.
Style: Pamela's most distinctive feature was her red hair. She kept them long with typical 60's style thick long bangs. Pamela was a fashionable californian hippy girl and she wore all the wildest psychedelic colors and fabrics. She was big on sunglasses, necklaces, and wild accessories. Her style was little more casual and avantgarde compared to her peers such as Marianne Faithfull. She wore oriental inspired bohemian clothes such as tunics and kaftans that were very popular at the time. 60's clothing was still mostly made out of woven fabrics before elastic knitwear emerged in the 80's so it looked tailored and was not too tight.

Jim and Pam in matching whites.
Pamela is wearing hippy style loose dress and oriental vest with long nacklaces.
Pam's white dress has a sexy open back. More sexier 60's look than usual hippy uniform.
Red haired hippy Pamela in pink tunic and red embroided velvet vest.
Pamela wearing 60's typical simple tunic dress with long necklace.
Pam and Jim playing dressing up. She has untypically showy do on her red locks and she is wearing dressy tunic dress with casual flared jeans.
Relaxed Pam in white silk blouse, light jeans and knee high moccasins.
Free spirited hippie girl dancing and enjoying.

How to get the Hippie muse style? Think late 60's hippie style kaftans, long simple tunics, shift dresses, bright colours, metallic details, oriental looks, long hair, long thick bangs, woven fabrics, velvet, chifon, spicy colours, keyhole neckline, embroideries, fur, native american handcrafts.

Bright pink shift dress gives psychedelic base for hippie muse look. Asos.

For more subtle look, go for white keyhole tunic dress. Jenni Kayne/Shopbop.
Fit crafty belt loosely on hip.

Long pendant necklace is enough for jewelry. House of Harlow 1960/Nordstrom.

Embroided faux fur gilet gives sophisticated shift dress right bohemian touch. Free People.

Complete the hippie look with fringe suede boots. Minnetonka/Nordstrom.

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