Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anita Pallenberg

Icon: Anita Pallenberg
Born: 25th January (aquarius) 1944, Rome, Italy
Height: 1,75m
Known for: model, actress, fashion desinger, romanticly involved with 3 members of The Rolling Stones
Story of the sixth Stone: Pallenberg was born in German-occupied Rome to Italian artist father and German secretary mother. She grew up to be international person mastering four languages fluently and living in various countries before settling to London. She was working on a modelling assignment in Munich where she met The Rolling Stones original band member Brian Jones in 1965 in Stones concert. After meeting she moved to London to live with Jones. Pallenberg's and Jones's flat was the hot spot of the swinging London where all their friends such as other Stones members and Marianne Faithfull would gather up to listen music and take psychedelic drugs. However Pallenberg's and Jones's relationship was very turbulent and got violent after getting involved more with drugs. Pallenberg left Jones for Stones other member Keith Richards, in 1967. She and Richards had three children, Marlon 1969, Dandelion 1972 and Tara 1976. Tara died only at the age of 10 weeks. Anita is also said to have had an affair with Stones singer Mick Jagger in 1970 during filming movie "Performance". Pallenberg has said it was only  "method acting". Pallenberg has been called the sixth member of the Rolling Stones due to her close connection to the band. Her relantionship with Richards ended 1980. Pallenberg has stated Scott Cantrell incident was last drop in their relantionship. In 1979 17-year-old Cantrell shot himslef in the head in Richards New York house. Cantrell had been employed as a part-time groundkeeper at the Richards estate and was involved sexually with Pallenberg. Richards was in Paris when the teen killed himself in Pallenberg's bed. Pallenberg was in the house during fatal shot and was arrested, but she was later cleared of any charges. Death was ruled suicide despite rumours that Pallenberg and Cantrell had been playing Russian roulette. During her time with Richards Anita was very much involved with heroin and black magic. After splitting up with Richards and quitting drugs she studied fashion design in London in the 90's.
Style: Anita has been known for her fashion. Her flamboyant style with accessories to match in late 60's and early 70's was very fashionable but distinctive and she influenced greatly on the styles of her men. It can be said she was the creative force behind Keith Richards famous pirate look.

Stylish couple, Brian Jones and Anita. Pallenberg is wearing her signature wide brim hat and stylish suit with 60's feather muff.
Anita with Keith 1973. She is wearing black entire with flared legs and open v-neck. Matching coloured wide brim hat and square toe heels and multiple bangles, rings and simple long necklace to finish the style.
Anita in white tight t-shirt and skimpy shorts with wide belt loosely on hip.
Anita and Keith in Cannes 1967. She is wearing satin outfit with metallic accessories.
Anita with her son Marlon in 1971 in St. Tropez. She is wearing metallic sandals to top the holiday look of skimpy shorts.
Anita and her faithful companion wide brim hat here in pink straw. She is also wearing hip belt like every so often.
Anita and Keith in matching outits with flared loose pants and wide brim hats. Anita has added sex factor to her look with see through shirt.
Anita's essentials heavy jewelry and a hat.
Model Kate Moss with Anita. Moss has copied Anita's late 60's-early 70's look very often.
How to get the Anita's stonin look? You cannot forget heavy bangles, wide brim hat and belt on hip. Blond hair with straight cut bangs and heavy black eyeliner. Clothes flamboyant as you like in various materials such as satin, lace, velvet, suede. Skimpy micro shorts, mini skirts, turtle neck shirts, metallic sandals, square toe go go boots, flared pants and tailored jackets.

Wide brim fedora hat in rustic red. Asos.com.

 For a rock chic look wear lace turtle neck shirt. Hanky Panky/Nordstrom.

 Flare leg pants are essential for 70's rock look. Asos.com.

For a sexier look go for micro shorts. Winter Kate/Asos.com.

Chain belts on hips are essential for Anita-look. Anne Klein/Zappos.

Big pile of bangles give bling to the look. HM.com.

 Flamboyant rings are laso essential. HM.com.

 Complete the look with dark red suede voots. Diane Von Furstenberg/Shopbop.com

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