Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pamela Des Barres

Icon: Pamela Miller a.k.a Miss Pamela a.k.a Pamela Des Barres (name after married to Michael des Barres)
Born: 9th September 1948 (virgo), Reseda, California
Height: 1,6 m
Known for: First Lady of Groupies, actor, singer, author
Groupie days: relationships with Led Zeppelin members, Keith Moon, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Noel Redding, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Don Johnson etc. married 1977-1991 to Michael Des Barres
Actor ambitions: acted in Frank  Zappa's movie 200 motels, commercials and soap operas, worked as a nanny for Frank Zappa's children Dweezil and Moon Unit
Singer: Miss Pamela of Frank Zappas original girl band The GTO's (Girls Together Outreagously)
Author: Has written several books about relationships with musicians, such as I'm with the Band (1987, updated edition 2005)
Style: Pamela has had several styles during of her years on the scene. First she was known for 60's hippy groupie look with long blond hair, big eyes emphasized with mascara, lucious lips, sheer thin flower skirts and flowers in her hair.

Angelic Miss Pamela in see-through dress under the California sun.
Miss Pamela sporting funky drawn lashes, makeup style also made known by 60's supermodel Twiggy. Hair also typical 60's style with long thick bangs.
Free spirited girl with flowers in her hair and love in her eyes like Led Zeppelin song says.
Keith Moon and Pamela. She is dressed in flowy minidress with belt on hips and platform shoes.

Since then Pamela has rocked several styles with more funkier polka hair in 70's wild disco years and current long dark curly hair and bright dark lipstick.

Pamela cut her hair but kept them in soft curls and minimum make up for true californian look. Here with long term boyfriend Don Johnson.

Platinum blond Pamela partying with Alice Cooper. Pamela looking quite innocent with Marilyn-kind of blond curls and flower dress but very likely she enjoyed party just as much as Alice.
Dark straight haired Pamela with Jimmy Page. Marilyn-like white dress gives softer contrast to new edgier hair.
80's leather look and red hair with husband Micheal Des Barres.

How to get the Californian groupie goddes look? Think floaty flirty dresses, big soft curly hair, white, nude, cream and other light colours, flowers, romantic look.

Good set of heat rollers for hair to get big loose curls
Whistles Olivia waisted dress for light goddes look. Asos.

Antik Batik embroided cotton dress to create hippy style. Net-a-Porter.

Chinese Laundry nude platform sandals to top the groupie look.
For colder seasons instead of sandals top the look with nude coloured platform boots. Asos
In colder seasons to keep warm add feminine fitting cardi over floaty dress. Soaked in Luxury/

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