Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lita Ford

Icon: Carmelita Rossana Ford a.k.a Lita Ford
Born: 19th September 1958 (virgo), London, UK
Known for: guitarist in band The Runaways, solo career under own name, relationsships with several male musicians
Guitar goddes: Lita moved to USA with her family at the age of 4. She started playing guitar at the age of 6 and joined all girl rockband The Runaways at the age of 16. In year 1979 The Runaways split due to band members disagreements about the future of the band. After split Lita launched her solo career. In year 1988 Lita released her 3rd album Lita, which consisted such hits as "Kiss Me  Deadly" and "Close my eyes forever" a duet with Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy's wife Sharon was Lita's manager. Lita has continued her career and in spring 2011 she promised in an interview to make a new "real Lita-album".
Loving music: Lita has had several relationships with musicians. She dated Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crue. She was engaged to Black Sabbath 's Tony Iommi for 2 years but they split up in 1987. In 1990 she married band W.A.S.P. solo guitarist Chris Holmes but marriage also fell apart after a year. Her second marriage was to glam metal band Nitro's singer Jim Gilette. They married in 1994 after knowing two weeks. In February 2011 Lita announced they were divorcing. She has to children, James and Rocco with Gilette.
Style: When starting with the Runaways Lita had typical 70's teenager look with skimpy t-shirts and jeans. During years she started to find her own unique sexy style in skin tight spandex while playing masculine guitar. When starting own solo career in 80's she grew to be all the way 80's hard rocker with big permed hair, tight leather and jeans clothes. She was a epitome of 80's sexy rocker lady with skin tight clothes and feminine make up. She was one of the first ladies with visible tattoo's.

Young Lita with long blond hair, sexy eyes and tight Cheap Trick t-shirt.
The Runaways. Lita second from left. She has always kept her feminine look even though playing masculine instrument as guitar.

One of Lita's most known songs is "Kiss Me Deadly", see video below. In the video Lita is sporting 80's hard rocker look with all key elements - big teased two toned hair, heavy make up with light pink lipstick, big earrings, thin but curvy body, leather with studs, collars turned up, spandex, tight light blue jeans with holes, high waist, little short top, cowboy boot styled shoes and light hard rock song about partying and loving.

Lita's 80's image was perfect combination of tough masculine rock'n'roll look and sexy feminity. Seductive feminine clothes made out of masculine leather and masculine tattoo showing above allusive feminine cleavage.
Black leather and destroyed light blue jeans are essentials for 80's hard rock look.

Skin tight black is sure way to go rock and sexy.

Even nowadays in her 50's Lita has not abonded rock'n'roll look. She is still wearing skin tight black and a guitar.

How to get the 80's hard rock babe look? Think sexy tight spandex clothes, leather biker jackets, light blue tight high waisted jeans, black stilettos or cowboy boots, big bleached hair teased from roots, heavy eyeliner and big earrings.

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80's hard rocker look cannot be created without light wash high waisted skinny jeans. American Apparel.com.
Top the 80's hard rock look with cowboy look inspired black leather boots. Guess/Asos.
Fight cold with attitude in studded black biker leather jacket. Modekungen.se.
80's look won't be complete without big earring. Zip-pull chain-trimmmed earrings. Marc by Marc Jacobs/Net-a-Porter.

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  1. DUDE HER NAME IS NOT CARMELITTA .....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijJ0zduU0zo


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